Blueprint - 'optional' devices

Blueprint - 'optional' devices

@Vincent Raaijmakers

Blueprint configurations can have n-devices. If the dashboard is configured by widgets or static table to show the n devices, an error will occur when one of the devices is missing.

Blueprint is configured to show temperature of 3 rooms for different buildings.

Each building is configured separately. By default, a building has 3 rooms so 3 devices.
However, a building may also have just 2 rooms, meaning 2 devices.
In that case, the dashboard is showing an error for that building. The error tells that one of the devices is missing.

So the request is: Can we have a flag in the configuration that a device is ‘optional’ or ‘required’ making all other ‘optional’. So when a device is missing, simply don’t show it on the dashboard instead of showing an error. Hide the widget, hide the row from the table.

This feature provides a means of simplifying run sidebar configurations. A single blueprint dashboard can be used for users that have different # similar type of devices.