Autocomplete of variables is back!

Autocomplete of variables is back!

Hi everyone!

The autocomplete feature is back!

Now the 'Data from' field from all widgets will automatically suggest variables from your device so you can easily pick them. The variables will be suggested based on the last 100 data registers sent by your device (stored in your bucket).

How does it work more practically?

Let’s say the last 100 variables you receive in your bucket were “temperature”; then, only the variable temperature will be suggested by the new autocomplete feature. Or, let’s say that among the 100 last variables you received, there were temperature, door_status, and compressor, then, only these variables will be displayed in the dropdown.

We are also adding new functionality; you can now preview the last value received for the variable you selected in the dropdown. All you need to do is hover over the green icon. Take a look: