Add variable label option to Map Widget pin settings

Add variable label option to Map Widget pin settings

Hi all,

Motivation for my feature request:
I've recently created an overview map with a blueprint device that shows all the last reported locations of all our trackers.
The problem I'm facing now is that there's no way to quickly find out what device is where.
A quick fix solution I'm using now is to show all infoboxes automatically but you can image that with a lot of devices this gets really UX-unfriendly fast. Example:

The infoboxes take up so much space you can't read all the values.

My feature request:
Create the option to show 1 variable value besides the map pin to easily identify the device.
This feature could also be used for quickly viewing any other values from the devices for all kinds of applications.
Example of my suggestion from another application:

I believe this feature would highly upgrade the UX of the current map widget.

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