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        • New blog post about Clusters and TagoCORE

          Greetings everyone, We released a new blog post about edge clusters and how to run TagoCORE in a cluster. In the blog, you will find:  Reasons to implement a cluster. How to run TagoCORE in a cluster. Some cluster topologies and their differences. Load
        • Update in the PDF Service Generator!

          Greetings everyone, We are deactivating our old PDF Service Generator (https://pdf.tago.io) and replacing it with a new one https://pdf.middleware.tago.io. If you are using the old PDF Service Generator, please be sure to make the necessary updates by
        • New learning center!

          Greetings everyone, In the following weeks, we will release a new learning center on our official website and simultaneously disable the previous one. I can’t provide more information about it now but know that we plan to make all modules available for
        • [Webinar] Installing and configuring TagoCore on an AWS server

          Hey guys, Next week, on August 4 at 11 am EST, we will have a special webinar talking about installing and configuring TagoCore on an AWS server. It will be an excellent opportunity to learn more about TagoCore and how to install and configure it on AWS.
        • Join us on TagoIO Connect Global 2022!

          We are excited to announce our yearly event TagoIO Connect 2022 on August, 30th. A great opportunity to discover new ways to use the TagoIO platform and learn how to quickly and efficiently build powerful and custom IoT applications. You can attend online
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        • Sample Payload Parser Code (MQTT)

          Someone here could you please help me with a sample of payload parser code to extract the value (marked in blue) and put it in the yellow marked variables? The code needs also handle with different topics (e.g. "topic": "unit/bra", "topic": "unit/arg"
        • Is there any more Analysis-Builder documentation then what is in the github project?

          Hi, I am looking at the Analysis Builder in github and this does seem like a very useful too. I have a hard time figuring out how/where to set up a mulit-directory project. The only documentation I can find says:       "But if you want to build powerful
        • Issues with running analysis from another analysis (Python API)

          Hello. I have an issue where running calling one analysis from another. I went back to calling my_account.analysis.list(), and found even that had errors. I know that my_account is functioning correctly because that is how I pull controller the controller
        • Create a sum query in analysis

          I have the current code, where i wish to sum all the occurrences of the Event_Number variable in the last 3 months. Unfortunately, the sum query returns undefined. Note: I do not wish to count the number of times the variable appears, i want to sum its
        • Displaying MQTT Subscribe Output

          Hello, I am fairly new to the platform and was trying to create a simple Dashboard that displays information coming from a MQTT Broker. Looking through the help page from Tago, I've encountered the opposite version of what I'm doing: Taking an input from