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    • Changes in the new TagoCore v0.3.3 release

      Greeting everyone, As you all may have known by now, we have released TagoCore version 0.3.3! And, like all new releases, some things have changed in this new version. Now TagoCore has a CLI, which allows you to install, modify, and uninstall plugins
    • TagoIO nodes now available on Node-RED!

      Greetings everyone! TagoCore is a product developed by Tago and can be fully integrated with its TagoIO platform. It's a free, fast, and open-source IoT platform for edge computing that you can use to parse and analyze the data from your devices! While
    • New Webinar Coming Tomorrow (April 5th) - Designing for Edge Computing with TagoCore

      Greetings everyone, Tomorrow (April 5th) at 11:00AM EST, TagoIO experts will be running our latest Webinar about Designing for Edge Computing with TagoCore. Do you know how this Webinar can be helpful to you?  TagoCore is one of our products available
    • Tago Kickstarter Application - New Updates!

      Greetings everyone, The Kickstarter for TagoIO gives you the main features for many applications and makes it easier to set up new sensors on TagoIO. Recently, Kickstarter has received new updates on our Github! The Application contains many features
    • Webinar Coming Today (29th) - Customizing and Branding your IoT Portal

      Greetings everyone, Today (March 29th) at 11:00AM EST, TagoIO experts will be running our latest Webinar about Customizing and Branding an IoT portal with RUN from TagoIO. Do you know how this Webinar can be helpful to you?  Customizing your own IoT Portal
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    • Need Help with Displaying GPS Location on Tago Dashboard

      Hello Tago Support Team, I am working on a project which needs an object GPS location. The used GPS module provides output in NMEA standard format and later converted this with an exact Lat/Long GPS positioning coordinates for the connected device. Please
    • Cylinder Widget Help

      Hi,  I have a Lidar distance sensor in a Cattle water trough to measure the water level. A full water trough gives me a distance of 22cm An empty water trough gives me a distance of 45cm How would I go about translating this to the cylinder widget where
    • Limit when exporting table to xlsx or csv

      Hi, is there any limit in the data stored in a dynamic table and in the export. I mean if I have 3 million data in an inmutable bucket, showing all the variables will I be able to see and export the complete data as I can do with 1000 values for example?
    • Alerts - not all sensors are shown

      Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone can help. I've tried the support route and Tago suggested the Community would be a better place for my issue "due to the complexity of the answers"?! When I select to create an Alert by Sensor the incorrect list of sensors
    • An error ocurred while we were trying to save! Free accounts cannot change data retention

      Hi everyone, I tried to change my parser code and when I try to save the changes I get this error: "An error ocurred while we were trying to save! Free accounts cannot change data retention" I only changed my parser code.