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    • Public Dashboard

      Guys, at one time, I could compile a dashboard and simply share an address. This simple feature now seems to be complicated somewhat by RUN. Are there any simple straight forward guides without having to read a load of info that doesn't apply to my use.
    • How to create new variables to store data from the dashboard's input form widget?

      Hi, I have an iSpindel device sending the mqtt topics in the bucket, so I have access to the density, battery and temperature variables of the iSpindel device. But when I go to the option to add an input form widget to the dashboard, I can only add the
    • QoL Suggestion - Allow user to interact with lists pasting data

      Hi, When dealing with lots of elements in a multiselect list (for example, a list containing a huge amount of devices), usually we get to select elements one-by-one or ALL the elements in the field. But what if, for example, I have to select 40 devices
    • LT-22222 Dragino relay dashboard push button config

      Hi, I am trying to figure out how to turn this relay on and off with the push button widget, but having some issues. I configured it with the helpful tech staff at Dragino, and it is running like a song through TTN. I set it to MOD1 and the payload code
    • Heat map for GPS devices on the map widget.

      Hi, I would like to request a new feature for the map widget. I would like to see a heap map for the gps geo-location points. This heat map can be used for example for grazing pattern analysis, see attached image. Regards Annia
    • Update Map widget to show multiple GPS Devices when using Blueprint Dashboars

      Hi, I would like to request a feature for the map widget to show multipel devices on a map when using the blueprint dashboards. For now I have to run an analysis script that creates a new device that stores all the gps information in one bucket from all
    • Order of widgets on RUN

      @Andrew Sevil Hi everyone, I’m trying to get the order of widgets on my computer login to match my iphone…here is a screenshot of my computer layout… And here is my phone… Notice how Battery and level are the wrong way around on the iphone? Is there a
    • How to bundle a plugin for local use?

      Hi, I am pretty sure I have read/seen this somehwere but I can't find it anymore. I have a plugin directory in my development machine and I want to load this plugin in tagocore docker container. When I select the 'install local plugin' button and then
    • How do I perform the analysis condition when I send a mqtt topic of iSpindel device temperature?

      I was able to get the maximum and minimum temperature data from the input form. I made the condition with the temperature value of the iSpindel device, but when the device sends another signal by mqtt , the condition is not fulfilled, therefore, I have
    • In Built Parser For Custom Helium Connector

      Hi, I am parsing data from my device via Helium and into my bucket on TagoIO but the name of my variables come through as 1, 2, 3, 4 etc. Is there anyway to obtain and edit the parser used for the connector so that I can change the parsed variables are
    • How to integrate TagoIO with Helium

      @Vitor Lima Here is a quick tutorial showing how to add any LoRaWAN device through Helium (Network Server). By following this tutorial, your setup will be ready to perform uplink and downlink operations (data from and to your end-point devices). 1. First
    • [Webinar] How to improve data management

      Hi all! We recently had a very informative webinar about how to get the most out of your data storage. If you want to learn all the secrets and best practices that we showed in this webinar, you watch it here: We showed how to utilize metadata to store
    • Storing gateway information from the payload parser

      Hello, Is it possible in the payload decoder to take gateway information of each gateway sent from the Network server such as the EUI, RSSI and SNR, and then turn them into arrays. For instance if 2 different gateways have sent the data it looks like
    • Is there a way to edit deviceParams (or tags) from device parser?

      Hi people, I know that for devices you can access its parameters in the parser using const type = device.params.find(param => param.key === "x"); But, is there a way to set the value from the parser itself? Something like device.params.set(key, value);
    • Visualize your data using Grafana on TagoCore

      TagoCore is a free, fast, and open-source IoT platform for edge computing that can be used in association with TagoIO to visualize your data by using several Widgets to create beautiful dashboards that can be deployed to your end-users. However, you can
    • Multiple hosts running the same external analyses

      Hi, I was wondering what happens if multiple host run the same analysis externally so I did a quick test with two hosts... Both hosts connect successfully to and both hosts receive and execute the analysis. Is that expected? And if so, does that
    • How to upload a bulk of Devices with CSV File

      @Vitor Lima In this article, we’ll learn how to set up a dashboard where you can upload a bulk of csv files to create several devices at once. By following all the steps in this article, you’ll end up with: A dashboard to upload the CSV File to An analysis
    • GPS Data Conversion to Tago Location Format

      Hi All, I'm really struggling to work out how to get my device data to process into a bucket. I've managed to narrow it down to the GPS data, which comes in from Helium having been decoded with the CayenneLPP decoder { "variable": "1", "value": { "altitude":
    • How to create a plugin package for local usage?

      Hi, I have a plugin in my local filesystem that I want to install as a local plugin in another tcore instance. I am pretty sure I read or saw somewhere on how to create a plugin package, but I can't find it anymore. Please advice. Kind Regards, Erwin
    • Limits for Tags, Environment Variables and Device Parameters

      Hi everyone, Many of our developers use the Tag system, Device parameters, and Environment variables within TagoIO to create IoT solutions, enabling them to explore a wide range of possibilities. However, each features has specific limits in place to
    • Zoom stacked charts - problem with scale

      Hi, If I want to zoom stacked charts (with dynamic Y axis) I do not see values - they are higher than the highest axis Y legend. Problem is inside my widget configuration or chart widget implementation? And after using zoom: Why the highest value on Y
    • Formula: $VALUE$ == "aa" ? "ON": "OFF"

      Hi, I enter formula `$VALUE$ == "aa" ? "ON": "OFF"` into "Formula and unit" field like this: But unfortunately, I see that problably it is not working. On the left RAW value, on the right same, but with added this formula: What could be wrong? Best regards,
    • Using device tags on dashboard

      Hi. I have a lot of informations about devices inside tags. Could I expose these information on dashboard using "Formula and unit" feature? Generally, it is possible to show device tag or device variable on dashboard?
    • Line and area charts - stack values problem

      Hi, how to do stack chart in correct way? I try do it (left side of screenshot) but as You see, lines are crossing, but why? Values have different timestamps, because it is not possible to synchronize all IoT devices to send data in one second.
    • Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'payload') -- Helium Integration

      I am trying to plot some data that is coming in from a Helium integration. Specifically, this is a GPS tracker. I see the data coming in when using the inspector, but I am getting the error: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'payload') 2023-03-08
    • Kickstarter

      Hi all, Just a reminder. Kickstarter is helping a lot of people around the world to develop IoT solutions. TagoIO provides complete end-to-end IoT applications that can be exported to your account and used as templates for full customization and the best
    • I reset my Dragino Temp and Humidity device, but it will not show up.

      I am having trouble getting my LSN50 Temp/ Humidity sensor to work. it has been 5 months since the last reading. I reset the device, but it still won't register with Tago. I have the same Dragino Gateway connected. If I haven't touched or monitored this
    • getDeviceList() hangs indefinitely.

      Hi, I am trying to use the getDeviceList snippet from here, in the plugin example code but that method never appears to return. const { core, ServiceModule } = require("@tago-io/tcore-sdk"); const express = require('express'); const app = express(); let
    • Publishing to MQTT topic from python analysis script

      @Andrés Hello everyone, I am trying to publish data entered in the dasboard to a device through a MQTT topic. My attemp was to create an analysis script (in python) which is triggered when the send button is clicked and from there the information can
    • Issues with dynamic link and map widget

      Hello. I am having issues setting a dynamic link in the info box for variables in the map widget. I have added 3 grouped variables, two are for setting the state and name of the device, the last is a link to the dashboard. In my settings, I have added
    • Line Chart Widget with multiple metadata vars

      Hi guys! I am trying to use a line chart widget with multiple lines. The data come from only one var with multiple metadata properties, but, I dont know if is because is the same var, the line chart remove all the var, leaving just one. Let me put some
    • Getting Started - Incorrect 'tagocore' property name in manifest example.

      The package.json example has 'tagocore' as property name for the plugin description but it should be 'tcore' as shown below. The error that is thrown is kinda misleading because that suggests there is something wrong with the short_description. { "name":
    • Relocate "Reset Zoom" button on charts

      Tago developers - Please consider relocating the "Reset Zoom" button that appears after zooming into chart data. It currently is positioned near the top center of the chart. This location is fine as long as the button is well outside the boundaries of
    • What is the best way to migrate old data to metadata

      I have been migrate my devices to optimize data storage using metadata, all not relevant variable I add in metadata. In some cases, some variables is not so much relevant, but we have widgets with this variables, and I have to keep the historic. What
    • Let the Tago Run user change the device name

      Hi all, I want my Tago Run users to be able to rename their devices once they're connected to their accounts so that they've got a better idea of what device does what instead of having names like device-0001, device-0002 etc. This probably involves some
    • Using the TagoIO SDK in TagoCore to access device bucket data.

      Dear TagoIO I have recently started working with TagoCore. So I would like to perform analysis with the data. When we do it with TagoIO we have the SDK that allows us to query the data. In TagoCore, do we also have an SDK?
    • Filtering by device for Map Widget

      Currently, You can filter based on Tag when showing devices in a list. I think this feature would be very powerful for the map widget, but I have not figured out a way to do the same thing. What I would like is to create a pin that only shows the last
    • Creating a custom helium device with python analysis

      Hello. I have been working on creating a helium device from an analysis. I have added the correct connector id and network id, but I have been failing at updated the EUI. This is the code I have to generate a new device: my_account = Account(account_token)
    • Connection to a database directly.

      Hello everyone, I'm new here and in TAGOIO platform, i was wondering, what is the best way to connect the platform with an existing database? I already have a platform installed with a couple of sensors sending data to a DB and I would like to access
    • bar graph bar thickness

      Hi, I have two charts: First come from simulation, second from real data. What is the difference? First have ideal interval, second no (avg 3 seconds difference between sample, sample interval 2h) Why first graph looks good, but second looks worse? Exist
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      Connectors enable you to create a device with built-in behaviors that allow it to communicate with a Network very easily. They also help you automate and scale your devices, once you create a device using a connector, that device will also run the ...
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