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    • How to upload a bulk of Devices with CSV File

      @Vitor Lima In this article, we’ll learn how to set up a dashboard where you can upload a bulk of csv files to create several devices at once. By following all the steps in this article, you’ll end up with: A dashboard to upload the CSV File to An analysis
    • How to create a formula in the visualization of a variable with an AND condition?

      I have a widget where I need to display the occupancy of a "parking" slot The sensor send me a distance variable in the payload. The problem is that the sensor sends 0 if the object is completely out of range (ultrasound). I want that if the distance
    • Device Name and Other Variables in Action E-mails

      Is there a way to reference the Device Name and/or other variables in the e-mail template when setting up an action? I see the example uses: $DEVICE$, $VARIABLE$, $VALUE$, $UNIT$, $TIME$ and $LOCATION$ but are we limited to just those?
    • TTN Plugin Error

      Hi all, I have a problem with receiving data from the TTN into TagoCore. The sensors used are Dragino LHT65, so I have installed the belonging encoder. In the Tags section i have added the key "serial" and the dev. eui as a value. I have attached screenshots
    • Choose List of Devices in Analysis

      Is it possible to run an analysis that looks at the tags on each device and chooses the ones with the correct tag matches to add to the analysis? For example, I want to only run the analysis on devices with tags matching device_type:reporting & company:google.
    • usable variable in sending email

      Hello, in the exemple of sending email of actions there is : Device: $DEVICE$, variable: $VARIABLE$ with value: $VALUE$ $UNIT$. At: $TIME$ in $LOCATION$ What is all variable usable for this topics? best regards, Mathieu
    • How to integrate data from API/HTTP/HTTPS endpoint?

      I'm wanting to incorporate real-time data from other sources such as an API or HTTP/HTTPS endpoint/webhook into my dashboards. I haven't found anything thus far that would allow me to do this. I assume the connection would be treated as a regular de
    • Add variable label option to Map Widget pin settings

      Hi all, Motivation for my feature request: I've recently created an overview map with a blueprint device that shows all the last reported locations of all our trackers. The problem I'm facing now is that there's no way to quickly find out what device
    • Send a alert after a time condition

      I have a customer who has a door sensor and wants to receive an alert when the door has been open for more than 3 minutes. Every time I receive information from the sensor, I record this information and have an analysis that runs every 2 minutes checking
    • HTTP Arduino

      Good morning, I'm writing via http on arduino, but only one variable. Do you have any examples of multiples? I need to write 5 simultaneous. Below is the format I'm using for a variable: //Inicia um client TCP para o envio dos dados if (client.connect(server1,
    • Sorting last input on Devices List Widget acting strange

      The time does not look sorted when changing the sorting in the last input column: What could be wrong? Settings: Please advise. Vincent
    • Histogram Widget: Sort by value

      I'm sure this is a simple setting, but I can find it. How can you sort a histogram by value, not by series or time? Thanks, Vincent
    • Replace/Swap Sensor While Maintaining Retention

      Is there a way to "swap" a sensor out in the Devices section? For example, a sensor is lost, damaged, or has a non-removable battery fail, we'd like the ability to change the Device EUI with a replacement sensor and keep the data retention as well as
    • How to generate a beautiful PDF using TagoIO

      @Gabriel Lenz In this article, we will learn how to create beautiful custom PDFs reports using fictional data of a farm at TagoIO. The HTML code for the PDF can be found clicking here. If you want to modify the end result, you can download this code and
    • Generate PDF with Dashboard Widget

      How can I make this graph, which is a Dashboard Widget, show up in a pdf. From an Analysis, how do I access this widget and display it in the PDF?
    • Analisysy - If last_input > X create variable device_status with value online/offline - possible ?

      Hello Trying to create analisys which checking last_input , when bigger then checkin_time (this value i can set env_variable ) then create variable device_status with value offline , when checkin is ok create variable with value online. I trying with
    • Dynamic dashboard time frame + generating min, max, average values

      I'm wondering if it's possible (and if so, then how) to be able to easily change the time frame of data that you want a dashboard to show. The only way that I've seen to modify the timeframe is to do it individually for each widget (and you're still not
    • Payload Parser for Dragino in TagoCore with Chrirpstack plugin

      Hi, can someone help me with the payload parser for my Dragino LDDS75-8 sensor. I using the Chirpstack Plugin and the Chirpstack encoder stack but I would need a payload parser .js file for the Dragino LDDS75-8 sensor. I tried to install the Dragino encoder
    • Duplicate Alerts

      The ability to duplicate an alert and have the abiltiy to associate new devices similar to duplicating dashboards.
    • Let RUN user upload image to blueprint device

      Hi everyone, I was trying to create a way for my RUN users to be able to upload an image per blueprint device (asset trackers in this case). Ideally, the user would upload a file via an input form which then gets saved to that device and shown in either
    • Issues with dynamic link and map widget

      Hello. I am having issues setting a dynamic link in the info box for variables in the map widget. I have added 3 grouped variables, two are for setting the state and name of the device, the last is a link to the dashboard. In my settings, I have added
    • Sending an empty payload using the MQTT.publish method

      Hello. I'm using a publish method of the Services.MQTT class for sending downlink data using input form widget.(part of the code is shown below) const MQTT = new Services({ token: context.token }).MQTT; MQTT.publish( { bucket: bucketId, message: JSON.stringify(dataToSend),
    • Formula and Time values

      Hi, Can I convert decimal to HH:mm using formula? For example 5,95 -> 5:56h Thanks.
    • How to integrate TagoIO with Chirpstack LoRaWAN

      @Vitor Lima Here is a quick tutorial demonstrating how to add any LoRaWAN device with Chirpstack in your account. For this, you need to access your Chirpstack server. First go to your TagoIO account, and if this is your first device connected between
    • Custom Widget - Leitura de uma variavel da API

      Estou tentando ler o valor de uma variavel para tentar usar em um custom widget, porem ao executar o código o console do navegador apresenta o seguinte erro: {"status":false,"message":"Invalid token"} Segue o script que está vinculado ao meu codigo HTML
    • How to delete data older than 1 month in mutable buckets

      Hi, I just want to make sure to do the right thing, Is this the way how to delete data that is older than 1 month? const start_date = dayjs().subtract(plan_data_retention, "month").toISOString(); await device.deleteData({ variables, qty, start_date }).then(console.log).catch(console.log);
    • How to save storage and I/O using metadata

      In this article, we are going to learn how to work with metadata and display their values in a dashboard. Metadata can be used to drastically reduce the number of Input/Output transactions and register storage used. Metadata simply allows us to add extra
    • Heat map for GPS devices on the map widget.

      Hi, I would like to request a new feature for the map widget. I would like to see a heap map for the gps geo-location points. This heat map can be used for example for grazing pattern analysis, see attached image. Regards Annia
    • Problem to save a new variable on the bucket when i have to use the payload parser to save the variables coming on payload

      Hi! I'm receiving a payload from my device, is just like this: {"DATA": { "pulses": 11182 } } I have a code on the payload parser to receive this information and send to the bucket. function toTagoFormat(object_item, group, prefix = '') { const result
    • Send downlink to devices using one same push button.

      Hello, I have few dragino LHT52, currently i am using separate push button and separate analisys to send downlink msg What if i want to send same downlink msg (change time interval for let say 10 minutes - payload will be the same, for all of them) using
    • Define Device in Analysis as Mutable

      When I try to delete a co2 variable inside the device, I get this error where it tells me that the device is Immutable. How can I make it mutable from the Analysis, and be able to delete that variable with the deleteData() method?
    • O recebe sms ou e-mail para troca de informações?

      O tem a opção de receber sms ou e-mail para troca de informações? ou apenas faz o envio?
    • change of recipient email address

      Hi, how to change the email to which the message is to be sent, previously configured in Actions , using a button or a form or something else that can be filled in by the user, ?
    • How to create devices using network token + authorization

      I need to be able to create devices in another account's profile using an authorization and my network token, this seems possible, but undocumented...
    • Using bucket in Analysis with "Device Data Optimized (immutable)" type on Device

      Greetings, I'm having problem with using bucket on my analysis. For example, my code is: const bucket_device = scope[0].bucket; console.log("bucket: ",bucket_device); With a device created using "Not Optimized (Legacy)" type, I have the output: [2023-04-21
    • Tagocore is not running Linux Arm

      When trying to execute Tago Core in Linux Arm appears the following error message: /Tagocore: /LIB/LIBC.SO.6: Version `Glibc_2.25 'Not Found (Required by ./tagocore) .
    • Only being able to store up 5 variables in a bucket..

      Hi, I was wondering if this is a MQTT limitation or if there's a way to change this in Every time I send more than 5 variables, they don't get stored inside of the bucket and the received payload seems to be cut off... As seen in this pic:
    • Save form submission as variable and access through a link in file

      Is it possible to have Run users submit a form and that form be saved into an accessible link? More specifically I would like the form submission to get stored in the "files" section in a folder dedicated to that run user as a pdf. I then would like to
    • Unix to UTC conversion in formula of table widget

      Hello, Is it possible to convert the value of a variable which in this case is a UNIX timestamp into a UTC Date? I need to do this within the formula section of a dynamic table column. My scenario: variable = data_array_timestamp, value = "1681603200"
    • How can I share my dashboard with another profile?

      Hi, I have a dashboard and create another profile, but this other profile does not have access to my dashboard, how do I configure it so that this other profile has access to my dashboard?
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      Connectors enable you to create a device with built-in behaviors that allow it to communicate with a Network very easily. They also help you automate and scale your devices, once you create a device using a connector, that device will also run the ...
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