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    • Device filter addition

      It would be very helpful if environmental parameters could be part of the device list filtering as an additional option. Including the option of the 'Send' flag.
    • Input Control - how to get Title value as variable?

      Hi, I am trying to modify the "Push to MQTT from Dashboard" example.  I want to use, for example, the value of Title field of the Input Control widget and use it as the variable in the object that I send to mqtt. I need to add and modify, but for Title
    • How publish or suscribe Tago io with arduino ide mqtt librairies

      @rony dampied i need to use arduino ide with pubsubclient librairies I use an esp 8266. I never see an arduino sketch with this mqtt to TAGO IO; thanks
    • Subtracting Two Variables

      Hi, is it possible for me to take two variables, subtract one from the other and have the sum display in a widget?
    • Connecting ESP32 to Tago

      @Adrian Tromp Hi, struggling to connect an ESP32 to Tago, are there any examples available for Arduino IDE, either for HTTP or MQTT? Thanks
    • Device Location

      I have stored on some devices the location and it works fine, but on the devices I have it to empty the bucket every 3 month to save data. The problem is every time the bucket gets emptied, the location gets deleted. Is there a way to empty the bucket,
    • Changes in the new TagoCore v0.7.1 release

      Greetings everyone, A fresh new version of TagoCore is now available to be downloaded. The version 0.7.1 includes some bugs fixes, improvements, and a new way to publish plugins to the store using the CLI from the SDK. With this update, you can upload
    • Image Marker / Heat Map - How to?

      Hi, I would love to get suggestions on how to create a heat map using a world or street map. Like:  Map visualizing specific values of large number of devices, like temperature... or humidity.  (The devices have fixed positions) Thanks! Vincent
    • Tektelic Industrial GPS Asset Tracker Decoder

      Does anyone have a decoder for the Tektelic Industrial GPS Asset Tracker? I added it by selecting the device in the pre-built Connectors page but it doesn't seem to be decoding the payload automatically like it did with our Digital Matter (Oyster) t
    • How to remove sensor from displaying on map without deleting it?

      I have a bunch of sensors outside that get removed over winter. Is there a way to prevent the sensor icon from displaying on a map without deleting it from the widget? I want to retain all of the conditional info I already established for these sensors.
    • Heat map for GPS Devices

      Hi, I would like to find out if I can create a heat map with gps devices showing the positions of the devices on the heat map to analyse grazing patterns of farm animals. Regards Annia
    • How to parser a raw_payload - http device

      Hello guys, I would like to parser my raw_payload below. I have a really difficulty with javascript and I couldn't do the parser correctly. Could someone help me? The property "payload" is the data from a tractor and the others are the data from which
    • Analysis for calculating difference of variable between a specific time period.

      Hello,  I am new to coding and need help with analysis. Is there an analysis example or could someone write one that calculates the difference between a variable over the last hour, day, or any other time period?  Example: Cyldiner fill calculation: 
    • Introducing our new IoT Learning Center!

      Hello everyone, We are excited to announce our new IoT learning center. An education platform designed to teach how to create IoT applications inside the TagoIO and make the most of it. Our IoT learning center has two Tracks: the Developer Track, and
    • Adding Khomp ITG 200 LoRa device

      @Fabioer Khomp ITG200 This tutorial will guide you on how to connect end-point devices routed by the ITG200 LoRa Gateway from Khomp. Firstly, you need to configure your ITG200 Gateway using the Khomp configuration server. Click on this link to access
    • User input data not retained.

      Hi We have GPS devices sending location to immutable buckets. We used immutable buckets to keep the cost of data storage down using the retention policy. The problem :  The user can on his dashboard set a variable stored on the devices immutable bucket.
    • Chirpstack v4 requires a new connector

      I upgraded my test Chirpstack server to Chirpstack v4. Integrations no longer work; I see the POST format is different. To begin with, the device EUI has been changed from 'devEUI' : <base64> to 'deviceInfo.devEui' : <hex string>  How does one request
    • Alert ON Timer

      Hello, I'm trying to figure out how to show a timer in a devices table that shows hh:mm:ss since some alert turned on. That helps the users to know how much time some parameter has been out of range, for example: High temperature. Any ideas ??
    • Using Formula to display metadata values for my variable

      @Kelvin Welter I recently published a post talking about how to save money by having several variables counted as only 1 data input. If you haven’t seen the post yet, here’s the link for you to check it out (Sending as much data as you want for the price
    • Data Backup and Restore in Tago IO

      Hello, I thought it might be a good idea to have a discussion about data backup and best practices in Tago IO. I was running a data prune/deletion analysis script today for a handful of devices to free up some space for a client and had a horrible moment
    • Ability to duplicate dashboard tabs

      In a dashboard, if I want to build another tab with the same layout as another tab, I have to duplicate the widgets into the new tab, one by one (unless there is a better way). It would be nice if there was a feature where one could duplicate the entire
    • Data transfer from the CRa LoRaWAN network to TagoIO

      Hello, I would like to ask you for help with setting up data transfer from CRa LoRaWAN network ( to TagoIO. I use Moko GPS tracker
    • Extract selected metadata from ImageMarker Widget layer info.

      Hi All.  As Image Marker seems to store a stack of info in a single Layer variable I'm trying to extract some of the data so an analysis can use it and write it to other variables. (I wish it just stored it all in the selected variable for that pin, it'd
    • Add Time Range Condition in Actions

      Hello, A great tool would be to add a Time condition in Actions. E.g. it could be used in two cases: if you want to monitor the temperature only at night it could be If temperature>15 and time is between 12:00 am and 5:00 am then trigger the action. if
    • How to integrate TagoIO with AWS IoT Core

      @Vitor Lima Here is a quick tutorial showing how to add any LoRaWAN device through AWS IoT (Network Server). By following this tutorial, your setup will be ready to perform uplink operations (data from your device). Downlink operations (data to your device)
    • Change the name of variables within a for loop

      I have created a for loop that creates variables with the same name but different numbers (e.g. value1, value2, value3...), populates those variables and then prints them. I have no issues with the script itself as it is working as expected when using
    • Multiple devices in image marker (blueprint)

      We are working with image marker widget in blueprint dashboard and we wish to see multiple devices at same time. Example all temperature devices allocated in first flor. But we can't do it, only we can see one device at a time.
    • Blueprint dashboard & geofence

      I have an analysis with geofence done be me. It detects correctly the device. I just want to show that geofence on the blueprint dashboard in the map widget.  If I create with the map widget the geofence can be seen, but through analysis is not happening..
    • How to add the device name to an action notification

      Hi I have gps collars on sheep sending GPS location data to TagoIO. I use the map widget to display the the gps collars. The user is able to setup geofences and i use actions to push notifications to the user when the collar is outside a geofence. My
    • How to generate fake data on Image Marker

      @Faris Ramli Hi. I am currently trying to make an indoor locating system. Using Image Marker, I managed to upload an indoor floor layout/map. How can I generate fake data to make my devices appear to be in motion on the map?
    • Save form submission as variable and access through a link in file

      Is it possible to have Run users submit a form and that form be saved into an accessible link? More specifically I would like the form submission to get stored in the "files" section in a folder dedicated to that run user as a pdf. I then would like to
    • Bucket migration to another Device

      Hello! Is there any way to migrate the historic data from a device to another? For example, I have a quantity of data acquired from a device in it bucket. If I change the device due to a hardware problem (damaged device) I can migrate the history of readings
    • Variables on infobox (map widget )

      @Simón Costantino Hi, I’m working with a map widget and I want to know if its possible to show only one variable (the location of the device) on the infobox. I added another variable on the same widget only to modify the pin icon in the map, but I don’t
    • JSON Payload Parser

      Hello everyone, I'm trying to configure the payload parser as below: Payload forwarded via HTTP from LoRaWAN Everynet module {"E":34.1,"S":20.0,"V":18.800,"T":1078.300,"BL":3.66,"BC":10.80,"M":14701} Unfortunately my knowledge is still limited in this
    • TagoCore with TTN plugin in Dragino LPS8v2 Gateway

      I have TagoCore and TTN installed on a Dragino LPS8v2. I have activated the integration plugin and set it up, but get the following error message on TagoCore (TTN plugin logs: [18:25:53.015]: ZodError: [ { "code": "invalid_type", "expected": "string",
    • Send last variable to a bucket

      Hi, I want to create a device offline alert for my gps tracker. I used the following code so send an offline alert to the bucket of the device which has been offline for a predefined time. Im getting now the offline alert for the device but without any
    • Non-location variables in the Infobox of the Map widget (new Normal Dashboard)

      @dev el Hi, I’ve multiple sensors which I want to show on the map widget. Besides the ‘location’ variable each sensor has further variables like ‘pressure’, ‘battery status’ and so on. Some of these variable should be shown in the Infobox. Unfortunately
    • Custom Widget and RESTful TagoIO API

      Hello People! I have tried to use the RESTful TagoIO API with Javascript inside an Custom Widget, when i get info from an device, it works fine in the first time, but when i try to get data, i receive "Invad Token" or "Authorization denied", and when
    • Visualize your data using Grafana on TagoCore

      TagoCore is a free, fast, and open-source IoT platform for edge computing that can be used in association with TagoIO to visualize your data by using several Widgets to create beautiful dashboards that can be deployed to your end-users. However, you can
    • Bucket with no data

      Hi, I have a problem with bucket. I am using MQTT protocol to send datas to Tago IO and I am receiving this datas in live inspector but this datas is not save in the bucket. I need help to solve this problem.
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      MQTT stands for MQ Telemetry Transport; it's an extremely simple and lightweight publish-subscribe messaging protocol. It was designed for constrained devices and low-bandwidth, high-latency or unreliable networks. TagoIO has its own MQTT broker that ...
    • MQTT - Example with MQTT.fx

      This is a tutorial on how to connect to Tago MQTT, subscribe to topics using wildcards and publish to a topic. For this tutorial we will use the software Mqttfx. To download and learn more about Mqttfx go to their ...
    • How it works

      There are a few things that you need to know about how Tago works in order to optimize your applications. Watch this short video to learn about the concepts around buckets, devices, and tokens.
    • Buckets

      Bucket is where the data from your devices is stored. When a device is created, TagoIO automatically creates a bucket for it with the same name, description, and tags. Data Retention In the General Information tab, you can select the period of ...
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      Access Management (AM) is a module that helps you securely grant access to certain resources in your account. You create Targets (users or things) and determine which type of Permissions for the resources they will have.  Some examples of how AM can ...

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