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    • Geofence works only with blueprint devices?

      Hi there, From the examples I've seen the geofence seems to work only with  blueprint devices. This assumption is correct, or I can use normal devices? All the best, Viorel
    • Matching Devices

      Hi there! I really need and advice regarding my architecture. 1. On Tago I've got 3 devices (custom hTTP), one is for management and data saving (persistent_data_device), the other two will be linked to real IoT devices. 2. I have an arduino IoT device
    • Doubt about lorawan downlink

      @Gleydson Henrique Alencar Santos Hello, I’m using TagoIO with LoraWan and the uplink part of the messages is working well. I am not able to downlink the message, I followed the step by step: I created the dashboard and the example of analysis by the
    • SenseCAP S2103 decoder.

      As title, I need a decoder or connector? For the device in the title.  I believe TTN and Datacake cater for this device, is it possible for some smart person to get this working on TagoIO?
    • Alert - Email User

      Hi, I want to be able to send an email alert to a person.  They don't need to be able to login to Run. How do I make their email address available for selection on the Alert screen? I've tried adding a user - they can now login - but their email doesn't
    • Dynamic Table doesn't update

      Hello everyone I think I am currently facing the problem that the dynamic Table doesn't update when new measurements arrive in the Bucket. From the picture, you can see, that the graphs all show several measurements, while the dynamic table still only
    • Sum by date in graph - possible?

      @Vincent Raaijmakers Hi, is it possible to aggregate a variable value in a graph? Like summarize/count/average. Or does this require analysis? For example, we use a door sensor. Open door = 0, close door = 1. So using this door variable I would like to
    • Index of SVG icons

      @Gary Howell Hello, Does anyone have a definative list of SVG files available at, e.g. It would be great to see a list with file names rather than visually going down the list
    • How to upgrade bucket of old devices?

      Hi, How to update the old devices bucket without having to remove and re-add the device?
    • Exporting dynamic table with multiple devices

      Hello everyone, I am working on a small project and I am at the point where I need to export the data in xlsx.  Is there a easier way to do it then following the and if
    • Image Widget Scrolling on Mobile Apps

      If the image widget takes up the whole width of a dashboard, when viewing with a mobile device scrolling with one finger will not occur when swiping over the image widget. Instead it moves and un-zoomed image around with your movements making scrolling
    • Data Backup and Restore in Tago IO

      Hello, I thought it might be a good idea to have a discussion about data backup and best practices in Tago IO. I was running a data prune/deletion analysis script today for a handful of devices to free up some space for a client and had a horrible moment
    • Resize Icons/Pins

      I hereby suggest a feature to be able to scale the size of icons/pins in the Image marker and compose widgets. There are potentially other widgets as well in which scaling icons are valuable. The reason behind this feature request is to improve the usable
    • Get Data from Device

      How can I get Today, yesterday and last month (last day) data from device?
    • reverse-geocode

      Does anyone know if has support for reverse-geocode in analysis?  If not any ideas on how to add it.. Thank you, Tony
    • Create a custom chart for agriculture.

      Hello, I am primarily at and would like to know how to create a custom chart to measure soil moisture. Attached image with the objective that I want to achieve. It is an important chart  for agriculture and I would appreciate if someone can help
    • How to generate CSV reports using TagoIO

      @Kelvin Welter Generating CSV reports using TagoIO Easily generate reports on the TagoIO platform using input form and analysis. You will learn: How to generate reports How you can use reports to increase value for your application What do I need to generate
    • How to control the use of SMS/Mail and Push Notification from the RUN user?

      Dear, In my application, I provide the option that my users can assign new numbers and emails so that they can receive their notifications, through an input widget. As an administrator user, I visualize in my usage statistics the amount of emails/SMS
    • Limit of characters in the message for sending SMS.

      Dear all, I am currently developing several data analysis for my application, and among them I have to send by SMS the alerts generated, I have tried with Email, and apparently there is no problem sending long messages, the issue is the SMS, I understand
    • How to add edit/add metadata to a stored variable in a bucket?

      Dear all, I currently have an agricultural application, with sensors that collect soil information like humidity, temperature, etc. My devices send this data in hexadecimal and through a payload parser I get my variables. By doing this I generate my data
    • Number of devices/Variables limit - Image/Compose Widget

      I want to open this topic for discussion to identify if we're the only ones faced with this problem and hopefully open the eyes of the TagoIO team that a change is relevant. Currently TagoIO limits the number of devices/variables that can be added to
    • How to import data to a device/set of devices

      Dear all, I have a question about this topic, previously I commented on how to export the data of the device buckets, through an externally executed analysis. The problem I have is the opposite, I have a record of data stored in a CSV file, and I want
    • How to track my account usage?

      @Aline Tusi You probably already set up your account to match the best plan for you, but do you know how much data have you used? To get this information, head over to the home screen of the platform. Tip: Usage statics don’t update in realtime. To refresh
    • Yabby parsing location payload

      Hi! Please help me to parse payload from Yabby Edge lorawan tracker which connected to TTN. I can't do it myself I don't know javascript. 21:30:42: Raw payload: [ { "variable": "ttn_payload_v3", "value": "{\"end_device_ids\":{\"dev_eui\":\"0016C001F001BF5F\",\"device_id\":\"yabby1\",\"application_ids\":{\"application_id\":\"digital2\"},\"join_eui\":\"70B3D57050000009\",\"dev_addr\":\"260B90AD\"},\"uplink_message\":{\"frm_payload\":\"xw6T0v3mDwEEVgE=\",\"f_port\":89,\"f_cnt\":26,\"session_key_id\":\"AYEQOCVt3tvN/Xoz1SfBMg==\",\"decoded_payload\":{},\"rx_metadata\":[{\"gateway_ids\":{\"gateway_id\":\"shaxr2107\",\"eui\":\"A840412198984150\"},\"time\":\"2022-05-29T16:30:42.469557Z\",\"timestamp\":1283021795,\"rssi\":-69,\"channel_rssi\":-69,\"snr\":11.2,\"uplink_token\":\"ChcKFQoJc2hheHIyMTA3EgioQEEhmJhBUBDjt+XjBBoMCLK/zpQGEPvT9IYCILjdu9CrnwIqDAiyv86UBhCIvvPfAQ==\",\"channel_index\":1}],\"settings\":{\"data_rate\":{\"lora\":{\"bandwidth\":125000,\"spreading_factor\":7}},\"coding_rate\":\"4/5\",\"frequency\":\"868300000\",\"timestamp\":1283021795,\"time\":\"2022-05-29T16:30:42.469557Z\"},\"received_at\":\"2022-05-29T16:30:42.552470935Z\",\"consumed_airtime\":\"0.061696s\",\"locations\":{\"frm-payload\":{\"latitude\":2.2414337,\"longitude\":-174.4830459,\"source\":\"SOURCE_GPS\"}},\"network_ids\":{\"net_id\":\"000013\",\"tenant_id\":\"ttn\",\"cluster_id\":\"eu1\",\"cluster_address\":\"\"}},\"correlation_ids\":[\"as:up:01G48AFMJ66C9CTPT1WMENPG8Y\",\"gs:conn:01G4812DKVPPWFGVVRN5PR5DNW\",\"gs:up:host:01G4812DM60WN2KV9NTRKBDZTJ\",\"gs:uplink:01G48AFMBQZC2FJDY7J8MSXXVE\",\"ns:uplink:01G48AFMBREWZ8WPD4T1ZD4Y6A\",\"rpc:/ttn.lorawan.v3.GsNs/HandleUplink:01G48AFMBR30NF639N3FDH552P\",\"rpc:/ttn.lorawan.v3.NsAs/HandleUplink:01G48AFMJ5BM782VM1HJ8RYDS7\"],\"received_at\":\"2022-05-29T16:30:42.758234590Z\"}",
    • How to change data retention on devices with immutable bucket?

      Hello everyone, A few weeks ago I migrated my buckets to the new version of the immutable bucket. Now I have also created new devices with immutable buckets. Currently, my buckets have a forever retention period, I understand that the only way to delete
    • Need Help with Displaying GPS Location on Tago Dashboard

      Hello Tago Support Team, I am working on a project which needs an object GPS location. The used GPS module provides output in NMEA standard format and later converted this with an exact Lat/Long GPS positioning coordinates for the connected device. Please
    • Keypad widget to unlock functionality

      Hello, Is it possible to use the keypad widget to unlock the ability to use a "Push Button" or any other widget?  For example, the user inputs their assigned PIN: 1234 and hits "submit". Once the user hits submit something checks whether the code is right
    • Displaying variables in note widget

      Hi, is it possible to somehow integrate variables in the text of a note widget? thanks!
    • Auto Bulk Update of Tags

      Any ideas of how we can make an analysis script which will update automatically the tags and key values of many devices? We are using a similar solution already which is creating many devices at once with different tags and keys through CSV file. That
    • Dynamic Variables

      Hey All, I'm relatively new to and hoping to find a solution to the below issues using more advanced functions of the API.. thanks in advance for any help!  1. Is there any way to dynamically change the variable a widget is using? When I copy
    • Limit when exporting table to xlsx or csv

      Hi, is there any limit in the data stored in a dynamic table and in the export. I mean if I have 3 million data in an inmutable bucket, showing all the variables will I be able to see and export the complete data as I can do with 1000 values for example?
    • Satellite payload thru FTP server

      Dear all, How can we send satellite data over a FTP server and XML files? Thank you a lot!
    • TTN/TTI Downlinks from button

      Hi All, I would just like to find out if there is anyone who can assist me with a downlink via a button in a dashboard, and then later use analysis to trigger automated downlinks. I am struggling with the sample code on this topic. I would really appreciate
    • Analysis running at the same time

      Hello everybody. I would like to know if it is possible to run more than one analysis at the same time. Thinking on a larger scale, is it possible to run, for example, 150 analysis at once or would there be any limitations on this? Thanks, Felipe.
    • Alerts - not all sensors are shown

      Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone can help. I've tried the support route and Tago suggested the Community would be a better place for my issue "due to the complexity of the answers"?! When I select to create an Alert by Sensor the incorrect list of sensors
    • Graph Scaling Idea

      It would be greatly beneficial if there was the ability to have control over both the minimum and maximum values separately.  This would allow the minimum to be fixed to say 0, and have the maximum set to dynamic.... Currently we only have the option
    • Grafana on TagoCore - Using Third-Party Applications for Data Visualization

      Hello everyone,  On Tago, we understand that there's a need to be flexible while working with Open-Source solutions, that being said, TagoCore, our free, fast, and open-source IoT platform for edge computing, works very well while integrating multiple
    • Colors

      Boa tarde! Estou tentando configurar a dashboard de um projeto, porém estou tendo alguns problemas, como a não alteração automática das cores das fontes quando alterados os Backgrounds. Gostaria de saber, se existe um meio de fazer isso manualmente e
    • An error ocurred while we were trying to save! Free accounts cannot change data retention

      Hi everyone, I tried to change my parser code and when I try to save the changes I get this error: "An error ocurred while we were trying to save! Free accounts cannot change data retention" I only changed my parser code. 
    • List of JS modules

      Hello, Can we get a list of support JS modules that can be used in Analysis code? For example dayjs, axios are common, but what about math.js? It would be really useful to have a list of the supported built-in ones without having to revert to an external
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