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    • Multiple devices on blueprint dashboard maps

      Hello community, I don't know how to create the analysis to display multiple devices on a map using blueprint dashboard, so I need help to create the analysis since I don't know how to program this type of structures. Essentially, the flow will be: My
    • TagoRun domain is changing

      Greetings everyone, We are transitioning the default TagoRUN domain from to We believe this change will provide a better overall user experience, by making the domain names more straightforward. All the RUN pages in the TagoIO
    • The snipped code for 'Sending downlink using dashboards' does not work

      Hi all. I got a problem with the code provided by Tago for 'sending downlinks from a dashboards'. First of all I have not changed anything from the code. I have added Environment Variables 'default_PORT' The error that I receive is ' Downlink failed with
    • Is there a recent Java SDK for Tago IO?

      Hi, I see a Java SDK in Github but it is a few years old so I am concerned about the compatibility with the current version of Is anyone aware of a more recent version? Kind Regards, Erwin
    • How to create your own Network to integrate with TagoIO

      @Ricardo Stoklosa This is a quick tutorial that shows how to create a Network for your devices using TagoIO. By creating your own network you will be able to push data to TagoIO in the correct device based on it’s serial number, using your own protocol.

      I have a doubts about Tago Core: Is there support store forwarding nativo? Like as, the case connections with internet failed, the tago core store the data for 7 days per example, until connection become and data are sincronized with tago io? Or need
    • Integrating Sensoterra Sensor

      Hi everyone, I'm curently trying to integrate a Sensor from the company "Sensoterra" into TagoIO. Unfortunatly, I can't registrate it to my own TTN-account as Sensoterra handles the sensordata themselve. But they offer HTTP push notifications. Therefore
    • Changing thousand and decimal separators at TagoRun

      @Aline Tusi With just a few steps, TagoRun users (users that log in into your RUN application) can change the format of decimal separators in their own accounts. For this example, let’s use this dashboard that has a few widgets with numbers. Note that
    • Signal Strength Heat Map Using GPS Coordinates

      I am currently working on something similar, I have field testers for testing our lorawan coverage, so I need to be able use the heatmap using the signal strength values on a map. Could you please give me some pointers on how I can achieve this? I understand
    • Connecting devices to external brokers

      Hi, new user here. Just want to ask if its possible for tago io to connect with external mqtt brokers? From the guides I have gone through its only showing devices connected to the tago's own broker
    • Heat map for GPS Devices

      Hi, I would like to find out if I can create a heat map with gps devices showing the positions of the devices on the heat map to analyse grazing patterns of farm animals. Regards Annia
    • Autoplay Videos on Compose Widget for iOS Apps

      Hello there! I have a live video running from YouTube on my dashboard (I'm using the Compose Widget). When using a desktop to check the dashboard, the video starts to play as soon as I load the page. When I try to use TagoIO app or RUN app, it doesn't
    • Integrating Radar images into Map or Custom widget

      Has anyone successfully integrated a radar image as an overlay in a map widget or custom widget? I am able to integrate static weather data using the Accuweather APIs but what I'm really after is the current radar. Accuweather and the National Weather
    • Custom Widget problem

      My custom widget doesn't frame well at all, do you know how I can fix this? I attached a video! Thanks
    • Calculating the resources spent by the user using an Analysis.

      Hi guys, I am wondering if it possible to calculate the amount of transactions form Data Inputs, Data Records, Analysis minutes ran etc inside of an analysis script? How do you suggest I go about it? Regards Raymond
    • Filter data from multiple buckets.

      I intend installing rfid readers onto 10 tractors. These readers will read tags at various places E.g. Garage, refueling station, main gate and fields etc. Each reader is a device on tagoIO and will store its data in its associated bucket. Acquiring information
    • Suggested improvement: direct CRa LoRaWAN support

      Hello, some time ago I asked for your help with connecting CRa LoRaWAN ( network with TagoIO so I could use my GPS tracker Moko. See here:
    • Data history in a custom widget

      Hello, I want to create a custom widget to display a chart with accumulated historical energy data. Therefore, my question is how to send not only the most recent data value to my custom widget but also the values from today, last week, or last month.
    • python script to pull in data from file on desktop

      Hello, I need help with an analysis in python that will pull in data from a file on my desktop. The data files will be CSV, and I would like to bring them in with an action at the same time every day and then parse out data and store into buckets for
    • variables on text payload

      based on this conversation currently only these items are able to be sent in sms / email / etc notifications. Device: $DEVICE$, variable: $VARIABLE$ with value: $VALUE$
    • Variables on text(payload) in Action?

      Hi, I made Action (variable) which Publish to MQTT device... My Emulator data is: [     {     "variable": "EXTI1_Trigger",     "value": "TRUE"   },   {     "variable": "speed",     "value": 11   }  ]   Bucket is updated correctly. Action Trigger is set
    • Widgets

      Hi Is there any practical widget to show status of the door? Open door/ close door. Do i have to built a widget for that? Thanks
    • Kickstarter

      Hi all, Just a reminder. Kickstarter is helping a lot of people around the world to develop IoT solutions. TagoIO provides complete end-to-end IoT applications that can be exported to your account and used as templates for full customization and the best
    • MQTT data parser

      I try to connect my MQTT sensors on tagoio with MQTT WHen I send my packet with simulator, I get Raw payload: [ { "variable": "temperature", "value": 71 } ] [ { "variable": "temperature", "value": 71 } ] WHen I receive My MQTT sensor I get [MQTT] Device
    • Scheduled action problem

      Hi everyone, i've been having a problem with scheduled actions. Tha action have to trigger on sundays only but also it triggers on thursdays
    • Map - geofence on IMMUTABLE Device

      Hi there! I have a blueprint dashboard that puts a geofence through an ANALYSIS, but one the geofence has a problem and I want to delete it manually and I get: "Cannot delete data on immutable device" :(((((((
    • How to split up data from one device to multiple devices

      @Vitor Lima Splitting up data from one device to multiple devices (MQTT/NodeRed) Quick setup an analysis to split up data in different devices based on a ID or Serial. Very useful when sending data to TagoIO using MQTT/NodeRed. In this tutorial, you will
    • How to treat data with Analysis?

      Hello, I did a procedure to receive multiple devices through a single gateway. But now I need to process the data in Analysis. I really need help with
    • Soil Moisture Map (similar heatMap widget but only for soilMoisture)

      Dear Tago Team, I would like to have a widget, similar to the heatmap but that controls soil moisture based on the data logging sent by the sensor. The value in the scale must be from 0 to 100%, using the colors as shown in the image (Soilmoisture Index)
    • Multiple y-axis feature request

      Hi, I wonder if it is possible to have 2 or more different y-axis? E.g. left y-axis for temperature values between -10 and 40 degress Celsius and right y-axis for relative humidity between 0 and 100%. This would be very important in many practical applications
    • Index of SVG icons

      @Gary Howell Hello, Does anyone have a definative list of SVG files available at, e.g. It would be great to see a list with file names rather than visually going down the list
    • Problem integrating google analytics with tago

      Hello guys! I've been trying to integrate google analytics with run da tago since morning to monitor the flow of users accessing my application. I followed the steps in the tutorial that tago provides, I added the Tracking ID from google analytics and
    • Autocomplete of variables disabled

      When I choose a device, the list of its variables is disabled. The message that appears is:  Is it a problem with the TagoIO platform or with my computer?  If it's with Tago, is there any prediction to solve it?  And if it's with my device, how can I
    • Autocomplete of variables is back!

      Hi everyone! The autocomplete feature is back! Now the 'Data from' field from all widgets will automatically suggest variables from your device so you can easily pick them. The variables will be suggested based on the last 100 data registers sent by your
    • Create 2 y-axes

      How do I create 2 y-axes and associate the correct data points to the appropriate y-axis? Also, is there a way to rename the data point so it's not the same as what's listed in the device?  For instance, I'd like the legend to show "Temperature", but
    • How to Add a Secondary Y Axis?

      @Morten mo How to Add a Secondary Y Axis ?
    • SenseCAP S2103 decoder.

      As title, I need a decoder or connector? For the device in the title.  I believe TTN and Datacake cater for this device, is it possible for some smart person to get this working on TagoIO?
    • Input Control - how to get Title value as variable?

      Hi, I am trying to modify the "Push to MQTT from Dashboard" example.  I want to use, for example, the value of Title field of the Input Control widget and use it as the variable in the object that I send to mqtt. I need to add and modify, but for Title
    • Payload Parser for Dragino in TagoCore with Chrirpstack plugin

      Hi, can someone help me with the payload parser for my Dragino LDDS75-8 sensor. I using the Chirpstack Plugin and the Chirpstack encoder stack but I would need a payload parser .js file for the Dragino LDDS75-8 sensor. I tried to install the Dragino encoder
    • Sending Downlink using Actions

      Hi everyone, I'm quit new to TagoIO and have some issues in my current project. I'd Like to send specific downlink payloads on specific sensor conditions. I followed the Downlinks using Dashboards guide, but I need to select the payload and trigger the
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      Connectors enable you to create a device with built-in behaviors that allow it to communicate with a Network very easily. They also help you automate and scale your devices, once you create a device using a connector, that device will also run the ...
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      This is a tutorial on how to connect to Tago MQTT, subscribe to topics using wildcards and publish to a topic. For this tutorial we will use the software Mqttfx. To download and learn more about Mqttfx go to their ...
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      There are a few things that you need to know about how Tago works in order to optimize your applications. Watch this short video to learn about the concepts around buckets, devices, and tokens.
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