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    • How to save storage and I/O using metadata

      In this article, we are going to learn how to work with metadata and display their values in a dashboard. Metadata can be used to drastically reduce the number of Input/Output transactions and register storage used. Metadata simply allows us to add extra
    • Dashboards not refreshing IOS

      I have a problem, I have a few dashboards going that operate as I'd expect on PC. However, on my IOS phone, I check dashboards regularly when away from PC as does a friend on the farm as does his Wife who also regularly needs see data, GPS Cattle location,
    • How to split up data from one device to multiple devices

      @Vitor Lima Splitting up data from one device to multiple devices (MQTT/NodeRed) Quick setup an analysis to split up data in different devices based on a ID or Serial. Very useful when sending data to TagoIO using MQTT/NodeRed. In this tutorial, you will
    • Khomp NIT21Li Payload Parser

      Hello, I'm looking for a Payload Parser for Khomp NIT21Li. I'd really appreciate it if someone could share it with me. Thanks a lot! Rodrigo
    • SenseCap S2120 8-in-1 Weather Sensor

      Hello, I have a SenseCap S2120 and I used the payload form Tago. But for some reason Im not getting all the variables. these are the only variables Im getting. Bellow. I need the others like wind_direction, rain_gauge. Can someone help me on how can I
    • Translations in a custom widget

      Hi, is it possible to use dictionaries for translating text in a custom widget. We obviously tried something like: button.innerHTML = '#CWDGT.BUTTON_TEXT#'; but that didn't work. Any guidance would be highly appreciated. Thanks, Vincent
    • Smart Plugs

      Hi All, Is there a way to connect smart plugs (i.e. sonoff, novadigital) to I wish to acquire the power consumption data from the device and feed my dashboard. Thanks
    • Problem integrating google analytics with tago

      Hello guys! I've been trying to integrate google analytics with run da tago since morning to monitor the flow of users accessing my application. I followed the steps in the tutorial that tago provides, I added the Tracking ID from google analytics and
    • How to access device tags in a custom widget?

      Hi, We are developing a custom widget and need to access tags on the devices the widget reads data from. We could not find any documentation for this. Ideally, we would like to be able to do this without running an analysis. Can you please advise? T
    • Milesight(WS52x)

      I have the following ‘standard’ decoder that works in TTN but trying to get it to work in Tago’s payload parser Can anybody help me in converting this to work on Tago connector? Thank you. /** * Payload Decoder for The Things Network * * Copyright 2021
    • Password Eye

      Hello, This is a simple request that when a RUN user is logging in to an application the password field has an "eye" icon in it that will allow the run user to unhide there password and see if they input the password correctly. Most of my run users are
    • Payload Parser: "TypeError: payload.find is not a function"

      Hello, I am trying to parse an MQTT payload that comes in to Tago from one of my arduino devices. The payload is made of three comma separated values. Here's a pasted output from the Live Inspector for my device: { "topic": "your/mqtt/topic", "payload":
    • Variables on infobox (map widget )

      @Simón Costantino Hi, I’m working with a map widget and I want to know if its possible to show only one variable (the location of the device) on the infobox. I added another variable on the same widget only to modify the pin icon in the map, but I don’t
    • Upload image with form widget and send by email

      Hello, I have a blueprint dashboard with a form widget. There is an upload file field and I want to trigger an analysis with submit button that send this file by email. I have this: const attachment = scope.find(x=> x.variable === 'attachment') await
    • Analysis Help for 3 pulse meters

      I have been working on an analysis tool to try and get the max number of pulses in a month. This has been very difficult for me. I can not seem to find an example that does a max by month. Even some examples within the community are not working correctly.
    • How to connect uRAD sensor to TagoIO device using https

      uRAD provides access to sensor data via an API. Using simple https calls with passed parameters to authenticate the request. (api docs: uRADMonitor_server_specs_02_comp.pdf ) I am able to use Postman to easily get the data I want but I am having trobule
    • Custom Widget (iFrame)

      @Matheus Benachio Hello everyone, In this tutorial I’ll explain the ins and outs of Custom widgets, as well as how to build one yourself. The new custom widgets type is now available in the latest version; this type allows you to create a widget with
    • Send data from XLSX File to TagoIo

      How can the data, column of an XLSX file be sent to a device or bucket, and then be able to use that data in Tagoio ?
    • How to integrate TagoIO with Actility NS

      This document provides a step-by-step guide on how to connect TagoIO with Actility, a LoRaWAN network server provider. You can also find a similar document on the Actility webpage. In this tutorial, you will learn how to add any LoRaWAN device to TagoIO
    • Does anyone have an example UDP server?

      Hi All! I am trying to communicate NB-IoT with UDP (CoAP). Currently, TagoIO provides examples of TCP/IP, but I can't find UDP at all. Can I get an example related to UDP Server(middleware)? I'm new to developer, so I don't know much about it, so I need
    • Terms and Conditions

      Hi I would like to add a required field on my user login page that requires the user to check a box indicating they have read the terms and conditions before they are allowed to login. is this possible? Thanks Steven
    • store forwarding in redis

      Let me know if tago core support redis to do store forwarding to TAGO IO? and how to implement it?
    • Dropdown input fields with values from bucket

      Hello, I normally use hard codes Dropdown values for these input fields because I can specify Label, Value and a default. When I use values from a bucket, I only see the value, e.g. yes, no from the sendData code below. Is there a way to add Labels and
    • Turn on a Simple LED in device with a button in Dashboard

      Hello, I'm trying to turn on a LED on my device which is a Linux box. I used the guide provided by the Help and the Python template code. However, when I press the button, following error is reported in Analysis console: [2023-08-23 16:28:38] Analysis
    • Address Map Widget - change default location

      The address input widget currently defaults to TagoIO headquarters in Raleigh. We know where you are :) For users in other countries, it would be nice to be able to change this default location on the map to be more relevant to their customer base. I
    • How to Integrate TagoIO with a Generic HTTPS Endpoint

      @Vitor Lima Here is a quick tutorial showing how to add any device with an HTTPs forwarder route to your account. As this integration is made to be generic, it does include more than one way to receive data, and you can try to customize it for your own
    • Compass Widget

      Hi, It will be useful to have a compass widget added to the types of widgets available. Can be useful in displaying wind direction in weather stations, for example.
    • Adding timestamp to email export

      The 'Email export' analysis provided by Tago is a simple way to automate export of data from a sensor for a defined period of time. However, the export file only contains the value without a timestamp. This makes the data practically useless. Is there
    • Route Plan Starting Point in Map Widget

      Hello, Whenever I click the map button to get directions it knows where to go but always starts in New Zealand and not my actual location. How do I change this to be able to find my exact location and then give directions?
    • Search devices using eui?

      @Andrew Sevil Is there a way to search all my devices (most are LoRaWan) by EUI? Currently the only way I can do it is to add the last 4 characters of the eui to the name, which is really clunky and unreliable (for example a client is able to edit name
    • Change retention data - what with previous storaged data?

      Hi! I want reduce data retention to 0 quarters. I did it, but I see, that chunk data in buckets are still available. Tago automatically remove it? When?
    • Dashboard lag

      Hello everyone! I'm here because I need your support. What happens is this: The dashboards are crashing a lot as shown in the video I uploaded, I click to switch tables or try to scroll the page and Tago's screen just crashes, it takes a long time to
    • Modifying Min, Max, Average analysis

      I am trying to modify the Minimum, Maximum, Average analysis to subtract the Min from the Max and store the result as a new variable. I stripped out the average calculation because I don't need it. I also commented out adding the min and max variables
    • Widget values not updating after creation

      Hello All, I'm new to TagoIO and was finally able to get my sensor connected last night, I also created a dashboard to show the sensor values. See current payloads from Live Inspector view below, I also put image of my dashboard show fresh values that
    • Device variable data not matching

      Why is the soil moisture meter displaying flow and calculate flag data, which are typically associated with a Flow Meter, instead of showing relevant data such as soil temperature, moisture, or electrical conductivity (EC)? Please see attachments be
    • Linking to blueprint device dashboard with an internal link

      Hi everyone, Last week I worked on creating a blueprint overview dashboard to show the last known locations of every tracker and storing that in a dummy device with a mutable bucket (following this post here). Now I wanted to add a link to the device
    • Variable overwrite or deletion

      Hi there, Some best practice advice it would be very useful here. I have several variables stored on mutable device that are updated through Analysis. I have need only of the last value, is there a chance to overwrite the variable or I have to delete
    • How to setup the route button in map widget

      Hello, I have a variable named location in my bucket with lat and long as location values and have that populated in the route section of the map widget. My map never shows a button though. What am I missing?
    • Why is my flow meter not showing pulse rate or different data than raw payload?

      I tried to get a reading or pulse or some data to gather to figure out my gallons per minute with this Dragino SW3L Flow Meter. As seen from the screen shots I am only getting the payload in a raw form. What am I doing wrong?
    • Clear SetTimeout timeout in Tagoio ?

      From the following code, how can I manage to delete the setTimeout so that Analysis does not consume me since I have a waiting time of 1 minute if it is "Door Open" . If a "Door Close" data arrives, the Analysis should cut the SetTimeOut of "Door Open"
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    • MQTT

      MQTT stands for MQ Telemetry Transport; it's an extremely simple and lightweight publish-subscribe messaging protocol. It was designed for constrained devices and low-bandwidth, high-latency or unreliable networks. TagoIO has its own MQTT broker that ...
    • Access Management

      Access Management (AM) is a module that helps you securely grant access to certain resources in your account. You create Targets (users or things) and determine which type of Permissions for the resources they will have. Some examples of how AM can ...
    • Connector Overview

      Connectors enable you to create a device with built-in behaviors that allow it to communicate with a Network very easily. They also help you automate and scale your devices, once you create a device using a connector, that device will also run the ...
    • MQTT - Example with MQTT.fx

      This is a tutorial on how to connect to Tago MQTT, subscribe to topics using wildcards and publish to a topic. For this tutorial we will use the software Mqttfx. To download and learn more about Mqttfx go to their ...
    • Actions

      Actions is a very powerful feature that gives you total control over your devices based on events determined by you. With Actions you can: Send an SMS based on certain conditions; Send an Email based on certain conditions; Run scripts using Analysis; ...