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    • API device data request for multiple variables.

      Hi, What would be the syntax to request the values of multiple variables using the API .../data call?  I used the example and changed the variable name into an array of variables, but, as expected, that didn't work.  Or should I 'just' get all the variables
    • Don't connect sp32

      I am new to this, and three months ago I designed a dashboard and I have not connected it, today I want to connect it, and it does not pass information from my sp32 to tago, what can I do?​
    • Groupbox for Widgets

      My dashboard might contain repetitive display therefore I need to have a visual tool to group some widgets within a box to support user to prevent confusion when reading gauges and charts. How could I do it? Is it feasible?
    • Sample Payload Parser Code (MQTT)

      Someone here could you please help me with a sample of payload parser code to extract the value (marked in blue) and put it in the yellow marked variables? The code needs also handle with different topics (e.g. "topic": "unit/bra", "topic": "unit/arg"
    • Multiple devices on blueprint dashboard maps

      Hello community, I don't know how to create the analysis to display multiple devices on a map using blueprint dashboard, so I need help to create the analysis since I don't know how to program this type of structures. Essentially, the flow will be: My
    • Copying colour from one widget to another feature

      Hello, I have to say the recent addition of copying colour from one widget to another is SUPER useful. I especially like it copies the alpha layer so all the widgets have exactly the same transparency. If you have not tried it, give it a go. Well done
    • How to generate CSV reports using TagoIO

      @Kelvin Welter Generating CSV reports using TagoIO Easily generate reports on the TagoIO platform using input form and analysis. You will learn: How to generate reports How you can use reports to increase value for your application What do I need to generate
    • Creating location from lat and lng

      Hello everyone, I want to build the tag location, to use for GPS. I have 2 values sent from the device, lat and lng. How do I combine them to make the location tag? Thank you const payload_raw = payload.find(x => x.variable === 'payload_raw' || x.variable
    • How to Export data from all devices

      @Vitor Lima In this article, we’ll learn how to run a script outside TagoIO to export all your data from one, or several devices, to a CSV. By following all the steps in this article, you’ll end up with: NODE.JS setup in your machine; An understanding
    • Dynamic Table doesn't update

      Hello everyone I think I am currently facing the problem that the dynamic Table doesn't update when new measurements arrive in the Bucket. From the picture, you can see, that the graphs all show several measurements, while the dynamic table still only
    • Create a sum query in analysis

      I have the current code, where i wish to sum all the occurrences of the Event_Number variable in the last 3 months. Unfortunately, the sum query returns undefined. Note: I do not wish to count the number of times the variable appears, i want to sum its
    • Sending downlink using ACTION

      @Michael Fleming Hi all, I am testing the capabilities of a Milesight (formerly Ursalink) UC1114 Lora Remote I/O device and have successfully used analysis example “Sending downlink using dashboard” to control a relay on the UC1114 to switch ON/OFF. However,
    • Using multiple devices in a blueprint

      I was wondering if someone knows a way to display multiple devices in a widget using a blueprint dashboard. For example, on my environment I have my devices categorized by tags representing a company and location. When I want to see every sensor in a
    • How to delete data records?

      My data records are almost full of information. I would like to know how can I delete some devices information so that i would be able to continue saving some new datas?
    • Payload parser fails to read an Array

      I wrote a code to parse the payload on my application (using the "Raw JSON to TagoJSON" snippet as base), written and tested in .js and it ran successfully. However, using the live inspector, I notice that TagoIO fails to interact with the array part
    • How can I remove a layer in an Image Marker Widget

      Hi, How can I remove an unused layer in the Image Marker Widget? Either that... or select which layer comes up by default. Right now the unused one always comes up first and the user has to select the correct layer first. Kind Regards, Erwin
    • Icon Widget Breaks when Adding Formula

      Hi all, I am new to Tago and looking to build a parking lot dashboard. To visually indicate if the parking lot is taken, Im testing the Icon Widget. Unfortunately it breaks when I am trying to display the value and amend it with a formula. I want to have
    • Issues with running analysis from another analysis (Python API)

      Hello. I have an issue where running calling one analysis from another. I went back to calling my_account.analysis.list(), and found even that had errors. I know that my_account is functioning correctly because that is how I pull controller the controller
    • New blog post about Clusters and TagoCORE

      Greetings everyone, We released a new blog post about edge clusters and how to run TagoCORE in a cluster. In the blog, you will find:  Reasons to implement a cluster. How to run TagoCORE in a cluster. Some cluster topologies and their differences. Load
    • Missing decimal while exporting data in XLS

      Hi  The decimal point is missing in Line Chart and Dynamic table while exporting the data. It is working fine if I export it from Admin Dashboard but not working If I export it from TagoRun User. Also time is missing in the Date. Please find sample
    • How to post a variable location correctly using HTTP and Arduino/ESP32 device

      Hi everybody I´m new on some Arduino/ESP32 with HTTP and TAGO, so thanks in advance for your help I´m trying to post a variable to TAGO using HTTP Arduino example, a variable with some fixed data and LAT & LGN concatenate to location. However, every method
    • Animate Wind Vane Direction

      @Alan Sim Hi, I am new to Tago. I have a data feed from a wind vane. How do I animate the compass pointer on the dashboard with respect to this data feed? Thank you
    • Displaying MQTT Subscribe Output

      Hello, I am fairly new to the platform and was trying to create a simple Dashboard that displays information coming from a MQTT Broker. Looking through the help page from Tago, I've encountered the opposite version of what I'm doing: Taking an input from
    • Labels move on cylinder widget related to bucket variable

      Hello,  I think a great idea to upgrade the cylinder widget is to enhance the "level label" to be dynamic based on a variable. For example; if a cylinder is ranging from 0-5ft and a user sets an alarm to be sent when the variable breaks 3.5ft, you could
    • Best practices for data structure.

      Hello, I need help to format my variables to be Tago.IO Compatible. My device is able to read: - Farms data from 1 to several farms - Each farm has from 1 to several water reservoir - Each water reservoir has from 1 to several measurement point - Each
    • Update in the PDF Service Generator!

      Greetings everyone, We are deactivating our old PDF Service Generator ( and replacing it with a new one If you are using the old PDF Service Generator, please be sure to make the necessary updates by
    • Compiler error in app but not in kickstarter - "The operator of a 'delete' operator must be optional."

      Hi, I do realize that this is probably more a Typescript question than a Tago question but since I don't see the same error in the kickstarter project I am hoping that somebody here can elaborate. So I am deleting the time stamp on a TagoData object to
    • Is there any more Analysis-Builder documentation then what is in the github project?

      Hi, I am looking at the Analysis Builder in github and this does seem like a very useful too. I have a hard time figuring out how/where to set up a mulit-directory project. The only documentation I can find says:       "But if you want to build powerful
    • copy widget from normal dashboard to a blueprint one

      Hi there! Is there  a  chance to copy widget from normal  dashboard to a blueprint one?
    • Metadata in Email Action

      Can we use metadata of variables when sending an email? For e.g. in the body of a mail, can we use: $METADATA.url$ for a measurement that contains 'url' in its metada? 
    • New learning center!

      Greetings everyone, In the following weeks, we will release a new learning center on our official website and simultaneously disable the previous one. I can’t provide more information about it now but know that we plan to make all modules available for
    • [Webinar] Installing and configuring TagoCore on an AWS server

      Hey guys, Next week, on August 4 at 11 am EST, we will have a special webinar talking about installing and configuring TagoCore on an AWS server. It will be an excellent opportunity to learn more about TagoCore and how to install and configure it on AWS.
    • Create device with a specific connector and network via API.

      I have the current problem. I want to create a device connected to a specific connector and network via API. Your documentation shows that this is possible with the requests Post: Create new DevicePost: Create a new Immutable Device Both of them have
    • How to change data retention on devices with immutable bucket?

      Hello everyone, A few weeks ago I migrated my buckets to the new version of the immutable bucket. Now I have also created new devices with immutable buckets. Currently, my buckets have a forever retention period, I understand that the only way to delete
    • Using ssl with TagoCore.

      Hi, I've installed tagocore on a server, and am now trying to apply ssl to it. I'm using an nginx reverse proxy to redirect port 443 to tagocore's port which I have set using the --port option. However, when trying to integrate with, it now tries
    • Want to add a new Device, need Connector

      hello everyone, is it possible to add the following device? Origolec ED20W Attached you will find the payload documentation Thank you!
    • Variables available available for alerts

      @Andrew Sevil Hi everyone, I’m creating alerts via an input form, and am wondering what variables are available to use in the message, whether it be via email or notification. The main one I’m looking for is $NAME$, which doesn’t work. Are the ones in
    • New connector, products not in the list

      Hi everyone, for the RAK2171, a very common GPS locator sensor, I don't see the connector. A similar issue is for all the RAK products. Is something under develop? Otherwise I need to create its own payload parser, but that it would take a while to do
    • Custom widget data export

      How to export custom widget data ?
    • Twilio Phone Calls in Tago

      Has anybody created an analysis to make calls via twilio based on variables meeting a certain criteria? Or is their any plan to add this in like the SMS action feature?
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      Bucket is where the data from your devices is stored. When a device is created, TagoIO automatically creates a bucket for it with the same name, description, and tags. Data Retention In the General Information tab, you can select the period of ...
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      This is a tutorial on how to connect to Tago MQTT, subscribe to topics using wildcards and publish to a topic. For this tutorial we will use the software Mqttfx. To download and learn more about Mqttfx go to their ...
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