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    • Keypad widget to unlock functionality

      Hello, Is it possible to use the keypad widget to unlock the ability to use a "Push Button" or any other widget?  For example, the user inputs their assigned PIN: 1234 and hits "submit". Once the user hits submit something checks whether the code is right
    • Need Help with Displaying GPS Location on Tago Dashboard

      Hello Tago Support Team, I am working on a project which needs an object GPS location. The used GPS module provides output in NMEA standard format and later converted this with an exact Lat/Long GPS positioning coordinates for the connected device. Please
    • Displaying variables in note widget

      Hi, is it possible to somehow integrate variables in the text of a note widget? thanks!
    • How to change data retention on devices with immutable bucket?

      Hello everyone, A few weeks ago I migrated my buckets to the new version of the immutable bucket. Now I have also created new devices with immutable buckets. Currently, my buckets have a forever retention period, I understand that the only way to delete
    • Auto Bulk Update of Tags

      Any ideas of how we can make an analysis script which will update automatically the tags and key values of many devices? We are using a similar solution already which is creating many devices at once with different tags and keys through CSV file. That
    • Dynamic Variables

      Hey All, I'm relatively new to and hoping to find a solution to the below issues using more advanced functions of the API.. thanks in advance for any help!  1. Is there any way to dynamically change the variable a widget is using? When I copy
    • Limit when exporting table to xlsx or csv

      Hi, is there any limit in the data stored in a dynamic table and in the export. I mean if I have 3 million data in an inmutable bucket, showing all the variables will I be able to see and export the complete data as I can do with 1000 values for example?
    • Satellite payload thru FTP server

      Dear all, How can we send satellite data over a FTP server and XML files? Thank you a lot!
    • TTN/TTI Downlinks from button

      Hi All, I would just like to find out if there is anyone who can assist me with a downlink via a button in a dashboard, and then later use analysis to trigger automated downlinks. I am struggling with the sample code on this topic. I would really appreciate
    • Analysis running at the same time

      Hello everybody. I would like to know if it is possible to run more than one analysis at the same time. Thinking on a larger scale, is it possible to run, for example, 150 analysis at once or would there be any limitations on this? Thanks, Felipe.
    • Alerts - not all sensors are shown

      Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone can help. I've tried the support route and Tago suggested the Community would be a better place for my issue "due to the complexity of the answers"?! When I select to create an Alert by Sensor the incorrect list of sensors
    • Graph Scaling Idea

      It would be greatly beneficial if there was the ability to have control over both the minimum and maximum values separately.  This would allow the minimum to be fixed to say 0, and have the maximum set to dynamic.... Currently we only have the option
    • Grafana on TagoCore - Using Third-Party Applications for Data Visualization

      Hello everyone,  On Tago, we understand that there's a need to be flexible while working with Open-Source solutions, that being said, TagoCore, our free, fast, and open-source IoT platform for edge computing, works very well while integrating multiple
    • Colors

      Boa tarde! Estou tentando configurar a dashboard de um projeto, porém estou tendo alguns problemas, como a não alteração automática das cores das fontes quando alterados os Backgrounds. Gostaria de saber, se existe um meio de fazer isso manualmente e
    • An error ocurred while we were trying to save! Free accounts cannot change data retention

      Hi everyone, I tried to change my parser code and when I try to save the changes I get this error: "An error ocurred while we were trying to save! Free accounts cannot change data retention" I only changed my parser code. 
    • List of JS modules

      Hello, Can we get a list of support JS modules that can be used in Analysis code? For example dayjs, axios are common, but what about math.js? It would be really useful to have a list of the supported built-in ones without having to revert to an external
    • User Management

      When I create users under user management, they are not able to login to TagoIO with their email id and password. In fact the feedback is that when they insert their email for "forgot password", the error message is "invalid email". Take the case of the
    • Create 2 y-axes

      How do I create 2 y-axes and associate the correct data points to the appropriate y-axis? Also, is there a way to rename the data point so it's not the same as what's listed in the device?  For instance, I'd like the legend to show "Temperature", but
    • How to work with the new buckets and update applications for more efficient data storage

      In this article we plan to explain the main changes between the Legacy Buckets and the new Immutable/Mutable buckets recently released by TagoIO. The main goal is to help you perform the migration as smoothly as possible, answering any question you may
    • ED300

       ola, preciso fazer uma comunicação MQTT com ed300 weg. estou com dúvidas em algumas informações pedida pelo dispositivo esses são os dados requisitados pelo dispositivo
    • How/Where can we see the version of the production SDK?

      Hi, There are some changes in 10.7.4 - 10.7.6 we rely on. How/where can we see what the version in production is, and where can we find the release notes? Kind Regards, Erwin
    • Autocomplete of variables disabled

      When I choose a device, the list of its variables is disabled. The message that appears is:  Is it a problem with the TagoIO platform or with my computer?  If it's with Tago, is there any prediction to solve it?  And if it's with my device, how can I
    • Parser that used to work no longer works

      Hi We are doing a new application. We have done a few and written a parser for a sigfox device which works on another device. When running the same parser we receive the below message now(Also happens with emulator): Please can someone assist as to why
    • How to integrate TagoIO with TTN v3

      @Vitor Lima Here is a quick tutorial showing how to add any LoRaWAN device through TTN v3 (Network Server). By following this tutorial, your setup will be ready to perform uplink and downlink operations (data from and to your end-point devices). When
    • Alternate TAB

      Is it possible alternate TAB on dashboards? For Example: I've one dashboard with 2 tabs, and each TAB need to show alternate mode only in period of time one with other
    • Dashboard Template

      Hi Guys Where can I get an Agriculture smart irrigation  tempplate kind Regards Thinus
    • Show filtered values in widgets

      Hello, I would like to know if the following is possible and how to achieve it: Is there any way to have widgets which are linked to a variable (which has metadata) that would only showed the data when the value for example would be equal to a user's
    • How to change the token device programatically?

      Hello, consumers might have a token that I provide over e-mail, however, once he uses the token, I want programmatically swap that disclosed token over e-mail by a new generated automatically in "background at Tago" that the consumer does not see or share
    • Adding widget to map infobox

      Is there a way to add a cylinder widget to the infobox of map pins? It would be so much easier to get a quick visual assessment of conditions spatially if the current cylinder (or other) widget could be posted in the infobox. I know I can link to a separate
    • method not working correctly (anymore).

      Hi, We noticed that the behavior of the the method has changed. We used to filter on multiple tags but now the filter only works for one tag. In the example below we can filter on "managers" or on company_id, but not on both. Always
    • Cylinder Widget Help

      Hi,  I have a Lidar distance sensor in a Cattle water trough to measure the water level. A full water trough gives me a distance of 22cm An empty water trough gives me a distance of 45cm How would I go about translating this to the cylinder widget where
    • Compose widget not showing live Youtube video feed.

      Hello,  I am trying to view a youtube video that is live 24/7 on a compose widget. When I am creating the widget and adjusting all of my settings, I can see the live video rendering and working great. However, when I save the widget the dashboard view
    • Combination of unit and metadata problem

      Our dynamic list widget was not displaying the unit that is associated with the variable. Then I found out that the metadata addition to the data was causing the issue. Commenting out the metadata solved the issue and the unit was displayed. However,
    • Updating Variables from analysis

      Hello there... I'm looking to create a graph widget in where it needs to display the LAST VALUE of each day based on a variable that is saved every 1 minute in my bucket. Something like this graph: I though about using my analysis to store a secondary
    • Analysis for calculating difference of variable between a specific time period.

      Hello,  I am new to coding and need help with analysis. Is there an analysis example or could someone write one that calculates the difference between a variable over the last hour, day, or any other time period?  Example: Cyldiner fill calculation: 
    • Analysis disconnect and connect again frequently (running locally, not on Tago)

      Hello, Some time ago I posted a similar issue related to the disconnection of analysis when running them locally which was solved by updating the python-socketio module. However now my issue is that when the my server is running for quite some time, all
    • [Solved] Light a LED in ESP32

      @Carlos Sampaio Hey guys, I’m trying to light the esp32 builtin led using an action but isn’t works(I’m totally a newbie). I am using a code for ESP and by live inspector I have: Blockquote 20:02:40: [MQTT] Device connected “Token Ending: f97b9 Client-ID:
    • Adding variable in device list widget

      Hello guys,  Is there any way to add a measurement variable to a device list widget? My goal is to have a table whereby I can filter all devices I have through a tag and show their names and a specific measurement.  For e.g. a table which displays all
    • Error when setting Pin on image maker widget using new bucket type

      Hello,  when I try to set a pin on the image-maker widget, appears the following message: "Filter using ID(s) is not supported on Immutable Storage Type" Thanks for your help with this issue.
    • How Get Average and Maximum Value of my temperature sensor

      Hi, I'm new in de IOT community and try to discover the system with a my cucumber greenhouse. I installed a dragino LHT65 temps sensor and I set it correclty on my dashboard. The problem is I would like to have the last 24h Average temperature + the max
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