Changes in the new TagoCore v0.3.3 release

Changes in the new TagoCore v0.3.3 release

Greeting everyone,

As you all may have known by now, we have released TagoCore version 0.3.3!

And, like all new releases, some things have changed in this new version. Now TagoCore has a CLI, which allows you to install, modify, and uninstall plugins without ever needing to run the TagoCore server.

It is also possible to run TagoCore in a background process, this change will make it easier to ssh into a computer and leave the TagoCore Server running!

The command to execute TagoCore is no longer just `tagocore`, now you need to type: `tagocore start` in order to boot up TagoCore's Server. You may even pass an additional `--no-daemon` flag if you wish to run TagoCore the old way.

To get to know all CLI options, head over to our Documentation center. For more information on the changes on this version, visit our Changelog page.